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FEM | CFD | Electromagnetics | Laboratory testing

Multibody dynamics | Optimization

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Better product quality

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Lower development costs

Lower testing costs

Reduced testing costs

Faster time to market

Faster time-to-market


From material characterization
to design optimization

Structural mechanics

Machine learning fault diagnosis Drop/impact simulations

CFD & Thermal

Heat & mass transfer

Linear and turbulent flows

Multibody dynamics

Motion characteristics and system stability

Optimization & Apps

Optimizing in C++, python or matlab and building of engineering Apps


Modelling of electic and magnetic fields behavior and interaction

Laboratory testing

Material and structural vibration response tests


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From 3D design to simulation results

Define geometry
Material properties
Solve equations
Define geometry
Material properties
Solve equations
Discretize geometry
Boundary conditions
Analyse results

The geometry needs to be defined in terms of its shape and size. This can be done using a CAD software.

The behavior of the material is described by mechanical and thermal material properties.

The particular analysis equations need to be solved using a numerical solver. 

The geometry needs to be discretized into small elements, across which the solver iterates and calculates the results.

To simulate the problem accurately, it is necessary to define the loads and boundary conditions based on the real-life scenario.

The calculation results are presented using colors to enhance clarity and understanding. 

Discretize geometry
Boundary conditions
Analyse results
Material characterization

with the help of appropriate testing

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Imre Toth


R&D; simulation engineer

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Andrzej Stupakowski


R&D; Simulation engineer

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Phd. Panagiotis Seventekidis


Postdoc. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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